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September 23 + 24, 2014   |   Hynes Convention Center   |   Boston MA, USA

Joe Zobkiw

Joe Zobkiw

Chief Zob and Coder

Joe Zobkiw is Chief Zob and Coder at Zobcode LLC and specializes in Mac and iOS software development for music and audio.

Joe attended Berklee College of Music from 1987-1990 where he majored in Music Synthesis. In 2014, he released the Explores app for iOS with progressive rock musician Jordan Rudess of the band Dream Theater as an interactive companion to Jordan’s solo piano release All That Is Now. The app was designed to allow an interactive aural and visual experience as it explores the intersection between the traditional and electronic worlds in which we all live. Joe also contributes to the open-source Roundware platform. Roundware is a participatory, location-sensitive audio platform used in numerous apps by sound artist Halsey Burgund and The Smithsonian Institution.

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