A seismic event is happening right now that is impacting the global music industry, instrument manufacturers, and radically changing the fundamental creative process of musicians, audio professionals, and recording studios. It is the greatest shift in audio since the emergence of MP3 technologies and the associated issues of digital distribution and digital rights management - those that completely turned the music industry upside down and forever changed the entertainment industry as we know it.

This seismic and game-changing event is the rapid “App-ifying” of the creative tools (technologies, software and instruments) that audio professionals are dependent upon, dictating the need to understand, implement and use the applications in almost all aspects of the way they create their music, their content and the products consumed by all facets of the industry.

Technology continues to evolve and transform the music industry, along with the creative tools and processes musicians and audio professionals have available to them. The rapid advancement of new audio technologies, devices, software and apps, their impact on traditional musical instruments, and the obsolescence and disruption these technologies are creating, will forever change the audio professional’s and music industry's landscapes!

Powerful technologies that are the life-blood of every studio are now being augmented and complemented with amazing new software apps and devices that are unleashing a whole new world of creativity, portability and freedom, the likes of which the music industry and artists have never seen before.



A3E is run in strategic partnership with the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) and Sitarian Corporation.

MCCA Sitarian

A3E celebrated the collaboration with the MCCA Executive Director, Jim Rooney and Sitarian Corporation Founder & CEO, and A3E Show Director Paul Sitar shaking hands to capture the moment. Paul proudly displays a gift from Jim of the World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox. Boston Strong!