A3E has a very simple mission: to create an Exchange of ideas, information and intelligence between audio developers, professional musicians, audio personnel, the creators and innovators of music technologies, instruments and software applications (both established and emerging), along with the professional organizations, associations, publications and social networks that support that same mission.

Never before has there been the amount of music technologies available in the creative process for professional musicians, nor has it ever evolved and changed so rapidly. A3E is the nucleus that is dedicated to exploring the professional integration, propagation and evolution of new and advance audio applications.

The interaction and symbiotic relationship between these three ecosystems is where the paradigm shifts and where new applications, and the new business models are and will be emerging.

A3E is at the core of these universes and A3E’s mission is to facilitate and create an Exchange of information, data, technologies and relationships that will help individuals and organizations build the best products, create the best music and content, as well as drive the most profitable businesses possible.