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[A3EEvents - Nashville 2018]

A3E 2018 Nashville

What: A3E Summit @ 2018 Summer NAMM
When: Saturday, June 30th, 2018
Where: Music City Center, Nashville, TN, USA



A3E is excited to be back in Nashville for it's 4th year of partnering with Summer NAMM, to bring A3E's 'Future of Audio' Summit to the Music City Center on Saturday June 30th, 2018! Join us! A3E will once again bring thought leaders, visionaries and innovators to its A3E Summit. These luminaries will be sharing insights and strategies to Nashville's musicians, developers and technologists, and will be delving into the critical topics of:

Game-Changing Gadgets and Apps for Musicians
The Future Musician: The Real Impact of Artificial Intelligence
The Other Nashville Society: A3E Explores the Future Sounds of Music City
The Future of Production in Nashville: An Indie Rock Masterclass
Developing Creative Software in the Social Media Era Musician
The Future of the Frets: Guitar for the Next Generation of Musicians



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Saturday, June 30, 2018 - Music City Center

Session 1: 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM - (TEC Tracks stage, Booth 153)

A3E Opening Presentation: "Game-Changing Gadgets and Apps for Musicians"

A3E opens the day with a look at some new products that will change the way you write and perform. From iOS loopers to sampling sustain pedals to Bluetooth metronome watches, the morning kicks off with must-see products that range from entry-level to high-end.

Doug DeAngelis - A3E   Doug DeAngelis
Conference Chair
Aaron Kipness - Gizmotron   Aaron Kipness

Session 2: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM - (TEC Tracks stage, Booth 153)

A3E Deep Dive™ Session: "The Future Musician: The Real Impact of Artificial Intelligence"

Would you like to learn a new style of music, score a soundtrack and write a hit song—all in one afternoon? Machine learning technology is already capable of driving a car, mastering a video game overnight and even developing new languages to communicate. As time and technology progress, the process of human learning will likely evolve from traditional methods of study to instantaneous data retrieval from the cloud to the mind. A3E invites a panel of experts to explore the incredibly real subject of artificial intelligence and machine learning for music.

Doug DeAngelis - A3E   Doug DeAngelis
Moderator/Conference Chair
A3E   Joseph Vangieri
President & CEO
DigiTrax Entertainment
A3E   Marcus Matusiak
Chief Technology Officer
DigiTrax Entertainment

Session 3: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - (TEC Tracks stage, Booth 153)

A3E Deep Dive™ Session: "The Other Nashville Society: A3E Explores the Future Sounds of Music City"

With almost 100 people moving to Nashville every day, it’s no surprise that the style and sound of Music City is rapidly diversifying. A3E invites The Other Nashville Society to Summer NAMM to discuss the future of the world’s most iconic music scene. Meet the organizers and the artists who are exploring new styles of production, and find out how they’re paving the way for the next generation of Nashville’s esteemed heritage in music.

A3E   Ally Venable
Director of Development
Centric Screenworks
A3E   Josh Collum
Sorted Noise
Sorted Noise
A3E   Holley Maher
Indie Singer-Songwriter
A3E   Mark Abramowitz
Senior Creative Director
Kobalt Music
A3E   Katie Mitzell Fagan
Head of A&R
Prescription Songs Nashville

Session 4: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM - (TEC Tracks stage, Booth 153)

A3E Deep Dive™ Session: "The Risk Takers: Nashville's New Music Industry"

While the history of country music and world-class songwriting are forever revered, Nashville is transcending its heritage to become the nexus for artists, musicians, and record labels of all genres. Pop, hip hop, indie-rock, and EDM are all continuing to surface, along with groundbreaking new technology to advance the industry in the digital era. A3E and The Other Nashville Society are proud to showcase the risk takers whose innovative art and technology is paving new roads in Music City.

  Dwan Hill
Producer, Musician
Worship Leader
  Allan Geiger
CEO/Creative Director
Garrison Snell - Gyrosity Projects   Garrison Snell
Founder and CEO
Gyrosity Projects
Gyrosity Project
Ariel Bloomer   Ariel Bloomer
Musician + Author
Icon For Hire
Info For Hire
Reid Shippen - R.AI   Reid Shippen
Mixing Engineer, Music Tech Consultant & Inventor
Robot Lemon
  Mark Montgomery
GFLO Thinkery
  Chris McMurtry
Head of Music Products
Exactuals, LLC

Session 5: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM - (TEC Tracks stage, Booth 153)

A3E Deep Dive™ Session: "Developing Creative Software for the Social Media Era Musician"

The days of young artists producing their music in a professional recording studio and submitting demos to record labels are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today, free music software on computers and mobile devices is often the recording platform used to create and promote music directly on YouTube, Reverb Nation, Broadjam, and other Internet destinations. This shift in the industry means software developers are challenged to provide an intuitive creative experience for people with little or no training in audio engineering or studio production. This developer-focused session will discuss the best practices for designing software that caters to the self-taught producer, while maintaining a high standard of excellence for your brand. 

Doug DeAngelis - A3E   Doug DeAngelis
Moderator/Conference Chair
Brett Porter - Art & Logic   Brett Porter
Chief Engineer, Development Practices
Art & Logic
Art & Logic
Thomas Wendt - Integrative Concepts   Thomas Wendt
Integrative Concepts
Interactive Concepts
  Laura B. Whitmore
Mad Sun Marketing
The Women’s International Music Network
  Kasia Bytnerowicz
Creative Director

Session 6: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM - (TEC Tracks stage, Booth 153)

A3E Deep Dive™ Session: "The Future of the Frets: Guitar for the Next Generation of Musicians"

Technology has changed the creative and social habits of young musicians in ways that even Leo Fender or Paul Bigsby could never have predicted. Mobile and desktop music apps, online lessons, gaming, cloud connectivity, MIDI and USB connection are design essentials that did not exist when pop culture’s most iconic musical instrument was developed. This A3E session explores the latest innovations and trends that will continue to inspire young guitarists in the technology era.

Michael Molenda - Guitar Player   Michael Molenda
Editor in Chief
Guitar Player
Editorial Director
Guitar Aficionado, Bass Player, Electronic Musician, Keyboard.com
Guitar Player
Leroy Young - InnProcess Technologies LLC   Leroy Young
InnProcess Technologies LLC
Corey Congilio - Artist   Corey Congilio
Artist, Session Guitarist, & Online Instructor
Christoph Kemper - Kemper & Access Music Electronics   Christoph Kemper
Kemper & Access Music Electronics
  Ethan Kaplan
General Manager
Fender Digital/Fender Musical Instruments Corporation